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Absolute: something that is not dependent on conditions. Question is there absolute rest, absolute speed? - Antonym to relative.
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Putnam, Hilary
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Absoluteness III 122
Absolute reality/PutnamVsDescartes: their representatives have the wrong tendency to equate secondary qualities with sensation of secondary qualities - even Williams seems to assume a picture of the world without colors - Williams: ideally: "theory of knowledge and of error".
III 132
Absolute reality/Williams: tells us, but not foreign scientists, how we understand it - PutnamVs: so only locally - absolute reality/Putnam would also require convergence - QuineVsConvergence: inscrutability of reference.
III 134
Absolute reality/Williams: without normative terms - PutnamVs: precisely this leads to the problem of indeterminacy of translation - Putnam many true descriptions of the world in different vocabularies are possible.

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