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Abstract: non-representational - abstract concept, expression of something non-objective - how to demarcate from concrete objects? How to differentiate between abstract entities and concepts, ultimately words.
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Dennett, Daniel
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Abstraction/explanation/Dennett: Dan Sperber: you must not proceed too abstract intentionally. Abstract objects do not enter directly into the causal relationships.
E.g. the excitement of a child is not caused by the abstract story of Journey to the Moon, but by the fact that it understands its mother s words .
Dennett: this is no obstacle for science, on the contrary: they can cut the Gordian knot of tangled causal relationships by using an abstract formulation and ignoring all those complications. (Intentional point of view).
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E.g. The excitement of the child does not result from the abstract story, but from the understanding of the words of its mother.

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