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Abstract: non-representational - abstract concept, expression of something non-objective - how to demarcate from concrete objects? How to differentiate between abstract entities and concepts, ultimately words.
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Tugendhat, Ernst
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Abstractness I 499
abstract singular term / Tugendhat: cannot be identified in space and time - they are a collective term, which breaks up into different subject areas with different identity criteria
I 500
Example 1. attributes 2. states of affairs 3. types 4. institutions and their parts 5. classes 6. numbers
II 97
abstract term / Tugendhat: events occur in space and time, but not abstract objects.

Tu I
E. Tugendhat
Vorlesungen zur Einführung in die Sprachanalytische Philosophie Frankfurt 1976

E. Tugendhat
Philosophische Aufsätze Frankfurt 1992

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