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Number (Anzahl, amount): Result of counting unlike a number that has not yet been determined. Frege used "Anzahl" (amount) to define numbers.
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Frege, Gottlob
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Number of (Amount) III 47
Number of/Anzahl/Frege: term - Number/Frege: object.
III 60
Number of/Anzahl/Frege: is no multiplicity. - That would exclude 0 and 1.
III 100/101
Def Number of/Frege: the number which belongs to the concept F, the scope of the term is "the same number (of) as the concept F".
III 100
Scope/Term scope/Frege: if the straight line a is parallel to the straight line b, the scope of the term "straight line parallel to the line a" is equal to the scope of the term "straight line parallel to the line b" and vice versa - Scope equality.
III 101
Number of / Frege: belongs to a concept. - E.g. the term F - it is then the scope of the term -"equal in number to the term F".
III 107
Number/Fall under/covered by/Frege: objects fall under concepts - contrast: numbers (of) belong to terms - number of = term scope.

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