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Expression: phrase, word, formula, or part of a formula. Below the level of sentences, therefore not true or false.
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Wittgenstein, Ludwig
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Expressions II 52
Expression/Wittgenstein: the projection rules are expressed by projecting. - The intention is expressed by intending.
II 55
One cannot express what cannot be different at all. - So we will never reach the most fundamental. - This is the limit of language. - Essence: therefore one cannot say about the world what is essential to it, since this could not be negated.
II 64
Sentence/express/Wittgenstein: the sentence is not expressed in the sense in which e.g. weeping is an expression of pain.
IV 24
Definition term/terminology/Tractatus: 3.31 each part of the sentence, which characterizes its sense, I call an expression (a symbol) - expression is all for the sense of the sentence essential, what sentences can have in common with each other.

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