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Statement: once a statement is made the utterer is committed to it. In contrast to this, a sentence can be thought of as a string of symbols that is no statement.
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Ayer, A.J.
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Statements I 281
Statement / world: anything in the world must be distinguished from the statement.
I 289
Statements / Ayer: 3 conditions: they must 1st be checked directly 2nd be simply 3rd absolutely specific - then "fact" is definable:
  I 290
"Great statement" / Hegel / Ayer: (paraphrased): "the whole truth" - AyerVsHegel / AyerVsIdealism / AyerVsBradley: then all normal statements are wrong - wrong solution: "partially true." AyerVs: that makes all statements indistinguishable - (> indistinguishability).
I Ayer Wahrheit, aus "Wahrheitstheorien" Hrsg. Skirbekk Frankfurt/M 1996
II Hügli ()Hrsg.) Philosophie im 20. Jahrhundert, Reinbek 1993

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