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Meaning: Differs from the reference object (reference). The object does not have to exist for an expression to have a meaning. Words are not related to objects in a one-to-one correspondence. There is an important distinction between word meaning and sentence meaning. See also use theory, sentence meaning, reference, truth.
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Black, Max
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Meaning I 58
Meaning / Grice : only by the effect on the listener - not only discover the primary speaker s intention , but the listener should also think of something specific - and intend it. - BlackVs : this is not sufficient and not necessary : it must not be true, even though the conditions are met, and may be true although they are not met
I 77
The background can not be understood if the core ( " it s snowing " ) is not understood (DF ) - Meaning / BlackVsGrice: Black thesis not detecting the speaker s intention to cause an effect on the listener, allowing the r to determine the meaning , but rather the reverse : the discovery of speaker meaning it allows the listener to infer the speaker s intention - intention / Black: surely there could be no understanding and speaker, without primitive situations in which a speaker s intention is recognized - but that is no proof of the correctness of an intentionalist analysis
II 58
Meaning / Black: must be located beyond language , for words to ever have a practical application - Example Determine whether there is a color - Differences between objects in the world recognized along the scale of our language categories
II 98
Meaning / Black: the "life of the words " is not in any "mental circumstances " , but rather in the ability to interact with symbolic actions in relationship and for it to serve as a starting point - meaning can not be fixed to any feature of mental actions - brain-o-scope/Black : would still remain the task of interpreting the images
II 211
Meaning / BlackVsPutnam : can not be the object ! e.g. "Titanic" would have no meaning - meaning need not be " in me " to be mine - (( s)> " meaning in the head" -

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Bla II
M. Black
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M. Black
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