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Meaning: Differs from the reference object (reference). The object does not have to exist for an expression to have a meaning. Words are not related to objects in a one-to-one correspondence. There is an important distinction between word meaning and sentence meaning. See also use theory, sentence meaning, reference, truth.
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Dummett, Michael
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Meaning I 18
Sense: according to Frege, the term has the meaning simply. The user need not always have the sense before his mind. In itself the meaning is objective.
I 29
Wittgenstein/Dummett: use theory makes use of the concept of truth superfluous > Meaning before Truth.
I 45 f
.... Husserl: a statement adopts the meaning with which it is met by an internal act . ((s)> Humpty- Dumpty)
Def Meaning/Dummett: what one must know in order to understand the term (an expression).
I 152
Def meaning: what makes a sentence true.
I 154/55
Dummett : meaning must not be explained by understanding. ( Speakers have no explicit theory.) - but also: DummettVsWittgenstein: mastery over practical ability.
I 188
Dummett/Frege: Knowledge of Meaning = knowledge of the truth conditions - WittgensteinVs
A criterion of meaning has no basis when it is no theory of meaning as a proposition.
- - -
EMD II 109
Meaning/DummettVsDavidson: trivial axioms ( . " Snow..." / snow) does not even show understanding, but push the task of explaining the theory of meaning - it explains what it means to capture the corresponding proposition.
EMD II 133
Meaning/Dummett: remains an unsolved problem.
- - -
Dum I 29
Correspondence Theory/Coherence Theory: meaning before truth - Davidson truth before meaning
(Defined truth conditions - later the theory) - Dummett both together.
Use/truth /Wittgenstein/Dummett: use theory makes the concept of truth superfluous > Meaning before Truth.

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