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Meaning theory: a theory that seeks to explain the meaning of meaning. Problem the concept of meaning and truth seem to presuppose each other.
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McDowell, John
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Meaning Theory Avr I 12
Meaning Theory/ Problem: if meaning is explained in terms of something else, this other must be explained again. - Thesis: indirect access to understanding and general language behavior without the concept of analysis. - Instead, depiction of the relations between concepts we already assume as understood. - With this the concept of meaning does not occur.
Translation semantics/Evans/McDowell: The point of view according to which the meaning theory has the task to frame rules which put sentences with their representations in relation - McDowellVs - E.g. x is a picture of F. - Problem: >is a lion picture ((s) Carries the singular qualities into the relation.) - instead: Solution/Davidson: satisfies neutrally. - N.B.: that removes the quotes.
Meaning Theory/ makes no relation between a sentence and itself. Instead, the represents a semantic property of the sentence by using it. - Translation: the knowledge that chauve bare is fulfilled, is no knowledge of a relation. - Instead: empirical relation between chauve and bald men. - This is just the use and not the mention.
Translation problem/Evans/McDowell: E.g. x "is a picture of F" - Problem:> is a lion picture. ((s) carries the singularity quality into the relation.) - instead: Solution/Davidson: "satisfies" neutrally conceived: x satisfies F iff Wx. - W: is an expression of the meta-language. - Problem is still there: x satisfies "is a picture of a lion iff x is a picture of a lion" must be explained (by additional determination). - The manipulations allowed in the theorem must correspond to the meaning of the used object-language expressions.
Meaning Theory/ not from truth theory, for radical interpretation at best says that the truth theory is true. - For a foreign language, however, a reliably true truth theory is at the same time a meaning theory.
Truth theory/ if one had a rule for f in "s, f is iff p" and this f could be replaced by "true". For this we need only the concept of the equality of the sentence-sense.
II 50
Truth Theory/ must show the content of the speech actions recognizable - ((s) The right side uses part of the world (e.g. the actual nature of snow.) - ((s) Problem: compared with this the language is relatively completed.)
EMD II 43ff
Meaning Theory/ Thesis: a theory of the sense should be a meaning theory at the same time. - In addition: theory of force. (Question, command, etc.)
Dum III 130f
Definition "Exuberant Theory"/meaning theory/McDowell: attributes to the speaker knowledge of the conditions that an object must fulfill in order to be a bearer of a name. - Definition "Sober theory"/McDowell: here the speaker knows only about the object that he is the name bearer of.

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