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Assertion: a statement that goes beyond mere writing down of a sentence or a string of characters. By the assertion the subject is commited to certain other claims. See also score keeping, inferences, speech acts, statements.
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Dummett, Michael
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Assertions EMD II 124
Assertion/Dummett: By asserting something, the speaker excludes certain possibilities - II 125 - But he does not rule out the possibility that the antecedent of the conditional is false - thus, its falsity does not make the assert. incorrect.
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Dum III 203
Meaning/assertion/Dummett: in general, no specific response is associated with an assertion - how the listener responds will depend on indefinitely many things - FregeVsWittgenstein: hence the meaning cannot be determined in the context of non-linguistic activities.
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Tugendhat I 253
Meaning/assertion/game/Dummett/Tugendhat: (benefit) new: on the other hand it is said: if the expression is used, which then are the conditions under which it is right - Tugendhat: this requires the following: 1) that the circumstances for the accuracy of the use don’t matter - 2) that the conditions on which the accuracy depends are such that their fulfillment is guaranteed by the use of the expression itself - what the expression guarantees is that the conditions for its correctness (truth) are met - correctness is always implied (by the speaker) - Listeners: separate the conditions and their presence.
Tugendhat I 256f
1) That does not state the truth conditions yet - possible solution: thruth conditions in turn by sentence - then a metalanguage is needed.
TugendhatVsMeta language.
Solution/Tugendhat: the explanation must lie in the usage rule of the first sentence.
2) Vs: Giving a guarantee in turn presumes the use of an assertive sentence (circular).

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