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Designation: ascription of a character to an object that allows the localization within an order, as opposed to naming. See also denotation, individuation, identification, specification.
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Chisholm, Roderick M.
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Designation I 166 ff
Planet/Denoting/Designating/Kaplan: Third: necessary name a for the number nine, then you believe of a that it is an even number, then: in "x is even", replace x with a - ChisholmVs: Denoting (linguistically ) is not helpful, cannot be a basic concept if intentionality is a basic concept: we explain the linguistic with the intentional.
I 167
Instead: Designating: numeral necessary because of successor relation! - It brings us the object closer - Numerals: its meaning happens to involve a property that constitutes an individual being of the number, a property for which applies that the number necessarily has it (E.g. successor - unlike names) (!).
I 168
Designate/Chisholm: must necessarily bring features: "the property blue" instead of "the color of the sky", E.g. "All men are mortal" instead of "Aristotle's favorite proposition".

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R. Chisholm
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Roderick M. Chisholm
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