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Description theory: the thesis according to which the meaning of expressions corresponds to the description of the respective objects.
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Cresswell, M.J.
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Description Theory II 47
Definition Description theory/Cresswell: (here): asserts that a name is synonymous with an equivalent specific description. This still allows for a wide range of interpretation - for example, "the planet called phosphorus" is such a description. - Vs: "Phosphorus" is the planet called Phosphorus" is not a necessary truth. ((s) de re).
II 150
Discription Theory/Loar/Bach/Cresswell: Loar (1976, 370-373) and Bach (1981) defend the kind of description theory, which makes "Phosphorus" to something, which means something like "is called "Phosphorus".
II 150
VsDescription theory/Cresswell: it is circular, because the use of a name to refer to someone is involved - also Kripke 1972, 283, 286 - LoarVsVs: (1976 p.371): it is not at all that we are referring to something , by saying, "the referent of this expression "..." The reference is rather intrinsic - Cresswell ditto.
II 153
Description theory/de re/Cresswell: Example (Partee) Loar believes that semantics is a branch of psychology, while Thomason believes that it is a branch of mathematics - that cannot be de re, because then both cannot be right - Solution: Description theory: Loar believes that the thing that is called "semantics" is a branch of psychology, while Thomason believes it is a branch of mathematics. - "It" then does not stand for a thing, but for the property of being called "semantics".

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M. J. Cresswell
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M. J. Cresswell
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