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Denotation, naming: specify a word or phrase for an object. Related terms description designation.
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Tarski, Alfred
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Denotation Berka I 397
Designate / Tarski: Example "the victor of Jena" refers to Napoleon - satisfy: Example snow satisfies the condition "x is white" - Definition: Example x³ = 2 defined (uniquely determined), the cube root of the number 2
Berka I 481
Def designating / Tarski: to say that the name x refers to an object a, is the same as to determine that the object a (or any sequence whose corresponding element is a) satisfies a propositional function of a particular type. In ordinary language: "x is a"
Skirbekk I 186
Def denotnation / Tarski: a given term denotes a given object, if this object satifies the propositional function "x is identical with T", where "T" stands for the given term.

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