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Chinese Room: thought experiment by J.R. Searle - in a locked room sits a man who does not understand Chinese and translates notes that are slipped through under the door into Chinese with the help of a book with instructions. The discussion is about whether one can describe the system as a whole as an understanding system.
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Pinker, Stephen
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Chinese Room I 121f
Chinese Room/Searle: Understanding is not symbol processing - ChurchlandVsSearle. then you can refute Maxwell’s electromagnetism: a man swung a bar magnet: then it generates electromagnetic waves, but no light - wrong to conclude, therefore light would not be electromagnetic waves - Extrapolation: then at higher frequencies there is no light. Analogy: Searle has slowed down computing so that you do not take it anymore as understanding - Pinker: if someone used all of the rules from the translation manual applying them in a matter of seconds, we would not say that he could not speak Chinese - PinkerVsSearle: he examines only the meaning of the word understanding - but you need not to use the word.

Pi I
St. Pinker
Wie das Denken im Kopf entsteht München 1998

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