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Chinese Room: thought experiment by J.R. Searle - in a locked room sits a man who does not understand Chinese and translates notes that are slipped through under the door into Chinese with the help of a book with instructions. The discussion is about whether one can describe the system as a whole as an understanding system.
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Poundstone, W.
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Chinese Room I 353f
Chinese Room/PoundstoneVsSearle: some: a book "What to do if a Chinese note...". Cannot exist, it would have to include all libraries - ((s) because it would not be a dictionary, but a book of responses) Searle: semantic understanding essential for consciousness - PoundstoneVsSearle: even without knowing what numbers are (missed first day in school) you can do maths. - We all do not know what numbers are - I 357 "System Response": the one person does not speak Chinese, but the system as a whole does - I 365 the levels book/user need to be separated.
W. Poundstone
I W. Poundstone Im Labyrinth des Denkens, Reinbek 1995

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