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Goodman, Nelson
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Computer Model IV 143/44
The analogy with the computer model is ambiguous, because it has a referential and a computer related interpretation. (The simulations). According to the latter it defines a sequence of states of the computer, the former enables the scientists to interpret it as a representation of physical states or physical reality.
IV 144
Of course, the computer knows nothing of the referential interpretation.
Accordingly, we would not know that a computer simulation represents a molecular interaction, if we only knew the computer available interpretation of it.
IV 144f
Questions about the truth value of sentences are inappropriate after the computer related reading. ((S) Because the computer has no knowledge of the outside world.)
IV 144f
GoodmanVsFodor: Fodor's theory can not explain how we know what new phrases represent nor what familiar phrases represent. The role of the lexicon has emerged to serve other purposes.

N. Goodman
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N. Goodman
Tatsache Fiktion Voraussage Frankfurt 1988

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N. Goodman/K. Elgin
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