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Cresswell, M.J.
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That II 30
That/attribution of propositional attitudes/Cresswell: "that" should be a function that is applied to the referents of the partial expressions - value: of this function is then the structure - (= sense, see above) - argument/(s): here reference of the parts of the complement sentence - reference/that-clause/Cresswell: (very similar to Frege): the reference of the that-clause is the sense (the mode of being given) of the complement sentence (of the sentence that follows the "that")- that/meaning: if it is a function, it is a triple or quadruple ... -
II 69
Notation/Cresswell: D: Range - D0: refers to the set of all sets of possible worlds - D1: to the universe of things -> semantic categories/meaning categories: - D(0/1): is a class of (one-digit) functions of things (elements of D1) on sets of possible worlds (Elements of D0), etc.

Cr I
M. J. Cresswell
Semantical Essays (Possible worlds and their rivals) Dordrecht Boston 1988

M. J. Cresswell
Structured Meanings Cambridge Mass. 1984

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