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Definition: determination of the use of linguistic signs (words, symbols, connectives) for non-linguistic or linguistic objects. New definitions are not supposed to be creative, that is, they are to be derived from the use of the signs already employed. See also definability, conservativity, systems, theories, models, reference systems, context definition, explicit defnition, implicit definition.
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Wittgenstein, Ludwig
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Definitions II 44/45
Ostensive definition/Wittgenstein: it just adds something to the symbolism - it does not lead beyond the symbolism - a set of symbols is replaced by another - the explanation of the meaning of symbols is given in turn, via symbols.
II 73
Definition/Wittgenstein: a definition is nothing more than an indication of a relevant rule - (s) context: e.g. negation.
II 116
Calculating/Wittgenstein: the tables of multiplication are definitions.

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