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Davidson, Donald
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Thinking Brandom I 232
Language / Thought/Davidson: "Neither the language nor thought can be complete within the meaning of the other and none of them has a conceptual primacy in explanations."
McDowell I 38
Thinking / Davidson: not exposed to external control, only an external causal influence. (Source: McDowell, where?).
McD I 42
McDowellVsDavidson: this rejects that thoughts and ideas are linked in a rational way. McDowell: but then we do not get an empirical content. (The views are blind, (Kant) without concepts).
Dav I 101 ~
Thinking / Davidson: there are no "objects of thought" as ghostly beings on the model of sense-data, or the like.

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R. Brandom
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R. Brandom
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