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Heidegger, M.
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Thinking Tugendhat II 47
Thinking/thought/Parmenides: thinking is perspective - such as hearing a sound or seeing a color.
Tugendhat II 57
HeideggerVsParmenides: thinking is not perspective.
Kardorff II 51
Thinking/Heidegger: Thinking is pointing: not uncovering, not wanting to make present.
Cardorff II 55
Thoughts/Heidegger/Cardorff: "We never come to a thought. They come to us."
II 56
Thought: Thinking is no means for knowing, thinking draws furrows into the field of being. "Thinking is not an understanding." Thinking is actually: leaving behind, taking into consideration. In thinking there is neither method nor theme, but: "The area ..."

Martin Heidegger
Sein und Zeit Berlin 2006

Tu I
E. Tugendhat
Vorlesungen zur Einführung in die Sprachanalytische Philosophie Frankfurt 1976

E. Tugendhat
Philosophische Aufsätze Frankfurt 1992

Hei II
Peter Cardorff
Martin Heidegger Frankfurt/M. 1991

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