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Property: what can be ascribed to an object in order to distinguish it from other objects. In philosophy, there is debate about whether properties exist or whether "bare particulars" exist. Expressions for properties are predicates. Not every predicate will refer to a property. See also quantification over properties, 2nd order logic, HOL, completeness.
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Rorty, Richard
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Richard Rorty
Properties I 81
Properties: only few still worry about an ontological gap between entities that are referred to by names, and entities denoted by adjectives.
Difficulty in findings in contrast to dispositions.
I 81f
State: some contemporary philosophers consider non-spatiality as a sign of the adjectival status of states. (RortyVs).

Relationships/idealism: thesis: all relationships are internal relations. Rorty pro. - All objects are what they are by virtue of their relations with all other things in the universe. Idealists: Actually, there is only one large object, the absolute. (Holism).
VI 154
RortyVsIdealism: we only need to give up the pursuit of transcendence so we can keep the holism.

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