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Individual causation, philosophy: theoretical problem following David Hume's contention that causation is not observable, but only to be inferred from a regularity of repeated events. Practical problems are then inter alia, the explanation of the evolution of the universe as a whole or the emergence and extinction of species. See also universe, natural kinds, species, cause, effect, causality, causation, causal explanation, causal theory, regularity theory.
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Davidson, Donald
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Individual Causation Armstrong III 94
Causality / DavidsonVsHume / Armstrong: individual causation: we often recognize that an individual case is causal, without having any idea to what regular sequence it belongs - Solution: differentiation knowledge-that: that there is a law / know-what: the law is - solution: there are a description, under which the event is lawlike - AnscombeVsDavidson: many characteristics are causally irrelevant, therefore causality is description dependent.

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