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Memories: mental repetition of representations without the original stimulus. See also stimuli, knowledge, learning.
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Ryle, Gilbert
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Memory I 225
Reminder/explanation/Ryle: Chronicles do not explain what is recorded in them - memories do not - in the memory no discoveries are made - solution/Ryle: disposition and questions of execution.
I 230
1. Understanding: Seeing that one could have done it - sample: a series of performance.
I 373 ff
Memory: a) Learned and not forgotten: Disposition (e.g. language) - b) recall:
Incident, on purpose. - Reminder no source of knowledge, no discoveries (all is already there).
Learning material E.g. battles: I can learn, to imagine them better, but not remembering them better.
I 380f
Success words: Remember, memorize, spell: I cannot spell Edinburgh,
as I want - I can remember mistakes, but I cannot remember something wrong.

Ry I
G. Ryle
Der Begriff des Geistes Stuttgart 1969

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