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Epistemology, philosophy: examines the conditions for the emergence of knowledge and the basis for justification and confirmation. Epistemology cannot explain special cases in which someone who has less information may give more correct answers. See also knowledge, theory, justification, confirmation, reliability.
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Brandom, Robert
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Epistemology II 146
Naturalized Epistemology/Quine/Brandom: knowledge as a product of processes that can be described in physical terms - if beliefs can be naturalized, then they are also knowledge.
II 147
InternalismVs: it is about having of reasons - VsVs: reliability is about objective probability - BrandomVs: this falls short of a completely naturalistic analysis of knowledge (barn facades).
II 149
Objective probability only relative to a reference class.

Bra I
R. Brandom
Expressive Vernunft Frankfurt 2000

Bra II
R. Brandom
Begr√ľnden und Begreifen Frankfurt 2001

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