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Mention philosophy: the mention of linguistic objects must be distinguished from their use. This distinction is sometimes difficult when symbols are partly used and partly mentioned within logical formulas. One simple case of a mention of a word or phrase is the quote. See also object language, metalanguage, quote, reference, occurrence, type, token.
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Field, Hartry
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Mentioning II 115
Logical Connectives / Deflationism / explanation / mention / use / counterfactual conbditional / Field: the explanation why "or" obeys the truth table though needs rules of inference, but does not mention them - but you can use here "because" (inference rules) - but that does not back counterfactual conbditionals - because the fact that these rules are connected to "or" does not matter in the explanation - which also applies to all other words.

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H. Field
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H. Field
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H. Field
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