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Ethics, philosophy: ethics is concerned with the evaluation and justification of actions and ultimately a justification of morality. See also good, values, norms, actions, deontology, deontological logic, consequentialism, morals, motives, reasons, action theory.
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Rorty, Richard
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Richard Rorty
Ethics III 310
Ethics/Rorty: it’s not about the fact that we are morally obliged to feel solidarity. Literature does not help with appeals, but with a detailed description.
Solidarity is made, not found (VsKant).I 314
II 79ff
Walzer, Michael: skeptical of terms like "reason" and "universal moral obligation." VsKant: there is no idea or principle common to all.
Def "thin" morality: Kant’s image of the beginning: a basis that will be expanded. WalzerVs.
Def "dense" morality: Walzer: all morality is "dense" from the beginning: it is culturally integrated. The road goes from initially "dense" to a "thin", more abstract morality. (s): "dense" morality: morality of the clans. War of all against all!
II 83f
RortyVsKant: we cannot dissolve conflicting loyalties by completely turning away from them towards something categorically different from loyalty - the universal moral obligation to act justly. We go with Hegel and Marx: the so-called moral law is, at best, a handy abbreviation for a specific tissue of moral practices.
VI 256
categorical imperative/moral/ethics/RortyVsKant: brotherhood of all humans cannot be justified by neutral criteria -

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R. Rorty
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R. Rorty
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Ro V
R. Rorty
Solidarität oder Objektivität? Stuttgart 1998

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