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Fodor, Jerry
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Evolution IV 145
Evolution Theory/Dennett/Fodor/Lepore: sees Dennett as -Element of interpretation- Fodor/LeporeVsDennett: but should not see something as a means of survival that you do not have - DretskeVsDennett/MillikanVsDennett: that s why most evolutionists are realists in terms of content IV 146
Irrationality/belief/Evolution/rationality/Dennett: Thesis: we must not describe irrational mutations as a system of belief - a belief system that believes something wrong is a conceptual impossibility - Fodor/LeporeVsDennett: the theory of evolution can hardly act as the guarantor for the principle of truth.
IV 149
Theory of evolution/truth/Fodor/Lepore: if you use it to explain intentional attribution, it is rather an empirical than a conceptual question whether the principle of truth applies or not - but we do not agree with the antecedent anyway.

J. Fodor/E. Lepore
Holism Cambridge USA Oxford UK 1992

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