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Existence, philosophy, logic: the fact that there is something to which properties can be attributed. That does not mean that something has to be given immediately or can be perceived by the senses. See also ontology, properties, predicates, existence statements, realism, quantification, ascription.
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Existence Me I 54
Illegal duplication: the mythical Crete, as different from the Greek Crete, the historical, the European, the remembered Crete
Re III 151f
Russell: non-existence: "There is no example of the grammatically stated property."
Re III 154
Existence / Frege: 2nd order property - property of property: to have an example.
Re III 168
Existence / truth / properties / logic / Read: in order to exclude the conclusion from "a is F" to "exists a", we must take the step from the lack of a truth value to falsehood - unfortunately this criterion makes conclusions become invalid, we would consider to be valid.
Logic Texts
Me I Albert Menne Folgerichtig Denken Darmstadt 1988
HH II Hoyningen-Huene Formale Logik, Stuttgart 1998
Re III Stephen Read Philosophie der Logik Hamburg 1997
Sal IV Wesley C. Salmon Logik Stuttgart 1983
Sai V R.M.Sainsbury Paradoxien Stuttgart 2001

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