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Existence predicate, philosophy, logic: as opposed to properties that are attributed by predicates existence is no such property. It is therefore only possible in certain systems and under certain conditions to form an existence predicate. E.g. (∃x)(Fx) - "There is at least one object with the property F" here the "∃" is no existence predicate, but an existential quantifier. See also existence, predicates, predication, properties, quantification, existence statements, existential quantification, semantic ascent, substitutional quantification.
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Simons, Peter
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Existence Predicate Chisholm II 181
Existence / Simons: propositional existence predicate
Simons I 178
Time / Simons: we take as dense and empty - not relativized to events - singulare term: not temporally relativized - identity predicate: not temporally relativized either (unlike existence predicate) - temporally relativized: - "true-at-t" - points in time even not temporally relativized.

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