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Existence statement, existence assertion, philosophy, logic: the simple assertion of the existence of an object is problematic because it cannot be empirically refuted. In contrast, quantification is the attribution of properties, not of "naked" existence. E.g. "Socrates exists" is considered by some authors as senseless. See also bare particulars, predication, existence, quantification, existence predicate, iota operator.
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Armstrong, D.M.
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Existence Statements II 182
Negative existential statements/Truthmaker/Lewis: E.g. "there are no penguins in the Arctic" is also true without truth makers - because there is no existing counter-E.g.- "deficiency" as truth maker or "lack of false makers" is just random idioms - MartinVs: a de-ontologization is superfluous - it is enough to know what we have to watch out for - instead of "how things are" better: "how the world is" - e.g. "search the hole" is completely understandable - VsHacking, Vs "manipulation" as a criterion of existence: does not work with celestial bodies.

AR II = Disp
D. M. Armstrong

Dispositions, Tim Crane, London New York 1996

D. Armstrong
What is a Law of Nature? Cambridge 1983

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