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Externalism, philosophy: the thesis that the meanings of the words partially depend on our environment; a) by the influence of the language community (use theory), b) the possibility or impossibility to ever come into contact with objects to refer to them (reference, acquaintance). See also twin earth, anti-individualism, circumstances.
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Evans, Gareth
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Gareth Evans
Externalism I Esfeld 146 ~
Evans: physical externalism: a thing must exist in order for the index word to refer to it - a singular blief is then ontologically dependent - N.B.: I can doubt any indexical belief in an isolated manner- unlike the practice of the conceptual ability.

G. Evans/J. McDowell
Truth and Meaning Oxford 1977

Ev I
G. Evans
The Varieties of Reference (Clarendon Paperbacks) Oxford 1989

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