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Sequence, logic: ordering within a set of objects (numbers, statements). See also sequent calculus, natural deduction, satisfaction.
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Tarski, Alfred
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Sequences Berka I 463
Definition sequence of sub-classes: a sequence whose elements are all classes that are included in a given class a.
Berka I 463
Definition k-th element/Tarski: the only link which satisfies the formula xRk and a natural number, is called the k-th link "Rk".
Berka I 463
Diversity: "at most differing at k-th position"/Taski: are two sequences R and S, when any two corresponding links of these sequences, Ri and Si, are identical, at most with the exception of the k-th link of Rk and Sk.
Berka I 511
Definition sequence of individuals/Tarski (in semantic unification): the two-digit relations between individuals and natural numbers - these all belong to the same meaning category regardless of the number of links (of the sequence not of relation) and also the class of these sequences, as opposed to relations with more digits.

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A. Tarski
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