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Thought, philosophy: a thought corresponds to a complete sentence. There is debate about whether we can attribute such thoughts to animals. See also mentalism, mental states, opacity, thinking, reality, world/thinking, propositional attitudes, propositions, intensions, objects of thought, relation theory, mentalese, computation.
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Perry, John R.
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Thoughts Frank I 395f
Thought is not the same as content: it may be that I now believe that it is a nice day today, but tomorrow do not think that it was nice yesterday, another thought, same content - then the thought is not the informational content.
I 396
Meaning / idea / PerryVsFrege: we must sharply separate the meaning of the thoughts. - The thought is not a mental entity but corresponds to the informational content - the meaning consistent in the role of the words - the same role creates different de re-propositions in any new context.

Perr I
J. R. Perry
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