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Presence: concept for the time in which events take place. The presence has no specific duration and is not designated by anything that distinguishes it from other periods apart form the events that take place in it. See also past, time, timelessness, future, truth, duration, events.
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Chisholm, Roderick M.
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Presence I 81
Time / Chisholm: Present: presence is the only time that is - "now" is redundant - times: subspecies of situations which either exist or do not exist - (so: ChisholmVs "times" as entities) - Detect the presence: when I know that it rains I know that the present time is one in which it rains - times are conjunctions of events or situations (not as an entity but as states of affairs) - "time": redundant, "by 2 clock he ascribed to himself the property, to be such that it was 4 clock ".

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R. Chisholm
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