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Pinker, Stephen
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Mental States I 34
Definition mind/Pinker: thesis: The mind is a system of computational organs that was designed by the selection so that it can solve problems of hunters and gatherers, particularly by understanding and outwitting objects, plants, animals and other people.
I 37
Accumulation of not completed modules against each other - mind not = brain, but activity of the brain, but not the only one: the brain also transforms fat - seeing/thinking/feeling: information processing.
I 46
Mind/Fodor: Module - PinkerVs: too delimited - better: Chomsky: is the "mental organ".
I 182
Mind: Minsky: society with agents - Dennett: large collection of partially finished designs - no "President" - PinkerVsDennett: the agents are hierarchical.

Pi I
St. Pinker
Wie das Denken im Kopf entsteht M√ľnchen 1998

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