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Putnam, Hilary
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Lawlikeness III 58
Law/Fodor: "lawlike" for him is a basic concept, not property of sentences, but the relationship between universals - therefore terms are not themselves intentional - PutnamVsFodor: they are intentional! - Fodor fails with extensions of analytical (scientific) definitions with necessary and sufficient conditions for cats.
III 60
E.g. "Super billionaire"/Putnam: for the triggering of characters the meaning of the word is crucial - the word is already interpreted.

Pu I
H. Putnam
Von einem Realistischen Standpunkt Frankfurt 1993

H. Putnam
Repräsentation und Realität Frankfurt 1999

H. Putnam
Für eine Erneuerung der Philosophie Stuttgart 1997

H. Putnam
Pragmatismus Eine offene Frage Frankfurt 1995

Pu V
H. Putnam
Vernunft, Wahrheit und Geschichte Frankfurt 1990

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