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Barrow, J.D.
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Quantities (Physics) I 191
Conserved quantity/physics: the laws of nature are in a sense nothing more than a list of Invariant properties of nature:
I 193
laws of nature: E.g. (conserved) momentum is invariant under translations in space. - Energy: in translations in time - angular momentum under rotations in space - this follows from the fact that the laws of nature are neither dependent on the place nor the time, nor on the orientation. - Symmetry: has higher rank among scientists, as the equations that explain the changes.
I 491
Sizes/Independence/System/Barrow: to make sizes independently of a system, we need the basic variables only as ratios of magnitudes of the same kind.

John D. Barrow
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John D. Barrow
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John D. Barrow
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