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Austin, J.L.
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Actions III 36f
Action / Austin: actions are very different - szneezing, to, win wars: life is not simply a sequence of actions - excuse does not match every verb - a way to characterize actions - e.g. "voluntarily" / AustinVsRyle: this is not a characteristic of actions such as "truth," not of assertions - rather a name of a dimension
John L. Austin
I Austin Wahrheit in: Wahrheitstheorien Hrsg. Skirbekk, Frankfurt/M 1996
II Jörgen Husted "Austin" aus :Hügli (Hrsg) Philosophie im 20. Jahrhhundert, Reinbek 1993
III Austin: "Ein Plädoyer für Entschuldigungen" aus: Linguistik und Philosophie (Grewendorf/Meggle(Hg)) Frankfurt (Athenäum) 1974/1995

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