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Davidson, Donald
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Holism McDowell I 188
DavidsonVsQuine: Even if the "empirical meaning" cannot be divided sentence by sentence into the individual sentences, this does by no means show that rational responsibility cannot be divided into sentences, sentence by sentence.
Therefore the experience must really be interpreted as a tribunal.
Dav I 113
Holism/Davidson: the ones of the purely linguistic meaning and the elements of his utterances, which are purely attributable to the beliefs of the speaker, cannot be neatly separated.
II 75
Meaning/Davidson/Gl├╝er: a number of logical relations are also always constitutive in terms of the meaning - otherwise we could never talk about the same object.
II 78
But reasoning relations between beliefs are not comprehensible in a purely formal-logical way - the fewest beliefs emerge as logical truths from other beliefs.
Horwich I 463
Truth/Holism/DavidsonVsDummett: Truth always goes beyond the evidence for the Holism - then understanding never shows up in the manifestations which Dummett means.

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Hor I
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