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McDowell, John
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Idealism I 209
Idealism/VsMcDowell/McDowell: his opponents could speak of a "danger of idealism": idealistic basic mood of the "elimination of the outer boundary".
This eludes us a possibility which we should not renounce: the possibility of direct contact between the spiritual and the objects.
We became aware of this possibility in the criticism VsRussell, theory of descriptions.
If one accepts the world as all that is the case, then the world is subordinated to the realm of Fregean sense ("kingdom of the conceivable").
Then there are not episodes and acts of thought but identity. Facts in this sense are thoughts; The conceivable, which is the case.
I 209
McDowellVs: However, objects do not belong to the sphere of the conceivable (Fregean sense) but to the realm of the object reference (Fregean meaning).

J. McDowell
Geist und Welt Frankfurt 2001

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