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Putnam, Hilary
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Idiolect 34
Meaning/Putnam: same meaning of "Quine", even if the causal chains are quite different - (despite idiolect).
I 32ff
Idiolect/Putnam: (Kripke): use of names is also possible with completely false beliefs - Putnam pro: knowledge does not have to specify the reference in the idiolect - use of names is joint - theoretical terms: one might regard theoretical terms as proper names of variables - then false identifications can be made without destroying the reference - causal chain: it is about the event of introduction, the physical size does not have to play a significant role.

Pu I
H. Putnam
Von einem Realistischen Standpunkt Frankfurt 1993

H. Putnam
Repräsentation und Realität Frankfurt 1999

H. Putnam
Für eine Erneuerung der Philosophie Stuttgart 1997

H. Putnam
Pragmatismus Eine offene Frage Frankfurt 1995

Pu V
H. Putnam
Vernunft, Wahrheit und Geschichte Frankfurt 1990

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