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Lewis, David
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Index Words IV 226
Index/Semantics/Grammar/Lewis: Indices are packages of everything except meaning that enter into the determination of extensions.
IV 230
Index/Context/Truth conditions/Lewis: Contexts cannot replace Indices (place, time, world, speakers), because it may be that we need to move time and worlds to find out the truth value of sentences - the shortest: context as the first coordinate, the others movable - then a) original index with movable properties - b) shifted indices.
Schw I 206
Index coordinates/Lewis: E.g. for operators like "strictly speaking", "anywhere": full semantic value: function of situations, times, worlds, places and precision standards on truth value. - Equivalent: Assigning functions of times, worlds, places and precision standards on truth value to situations: the latter is often called proposition, or actual semantic value: (Montague, Cresswell, Kaplan, Stalnaker): here the semantic value varies from situation to situation, from context to context - Schwarz: Dichotomy of the possibility space - (s) always t/f).

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LwCl I
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