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Perry, John R.
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Index Words Frank I 22
PerryVsFrege: "today" is not a completing or "saturating" sense, absolutely no sense, but a reference object - meaning remains, reference varies.
Frank I 393F
Index words/Perry: without pointing component - demonstratives: with pointing component - meaning of index-words: their role - similar to the method for the determination of the object.
I 394f
Today/Meaning: constant, truth value with index word "today it's nice" is not constant, so the meaning is changing - if understanding is knowing the truth value. - Perry: role (determination process) changes, meaning constant - then the meaning cannot be a part of the thought. - What the speaker believes is irrelevant to the meaning of the index word.
I 419
Index words/Perry: true-false exam does not help. - E.g. Two lost wanderers: that the Mt. Tallac is higher than Jack's Peak, is affirmed by all. - ((S) This presupposes that the two do not stand side by side in sight - Perry:. There is no mountain, everyone believes it is Mt. Tallac, no customer from which all believe that he has made the mess - no Professor, who does not feel guilty -. What people have in common here is not what they believe (E.g. wanderers).
I 394 ff
Sense/Perry: is oft of understood as a term - then question: is the meaning of index words to be equated with an individual-concept or a general term?

Perr I
J. R. Perry
Identity, Personal Identity, and the Self 2002

Fra I
M. Frank (Hrsg.)
Analytische Theorien des Selbstbewusstseins Frankfurt 1994

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