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Esfeld, Michael
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Individuation I 136 ~
Individuation / Esfeld: ind. of belief states: by content - meaning: ind. of beliefs by conceptual content and common standards (external) and role in the belief system - ind. of content:. by the inferential role - ind. of behavior: naturalistic: by disposition. 2 order (coordination) - ind. of representations: extern by causal causation through things - wrong: that components of mixed inner states are individuated by components of the world "correlation" - Howard: separability is crucial for the individuation of physical systems. So in superposition there is only one system - EsfeldVs: empty holism, easy to speak of a system. There must be an internal structure - we may very well refer to the parts.

Es I
M. Esfeld
Holismus Frankfurt/M 2002

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