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Nozick, Robert
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Individuation II 71ff
I/Self/Individuation/Nozick: E.g. three completely bandaged persons with amnesia: X will die, Y will live, Z has 50/50 chance: they have to be moved into separate rooms: "the one who now hears my voice" - not sufficient: Localization: (due to possible blindness), life history (for amnesia), physical description (ditto) - name: insufficient: E.g. Oedipus - originator of the tokens: not sufficient.: oral cavity + vocal chords ditto - consciousness.. . not sufficient: God covers the same description - Reference/((s): someone could use "I" as the name of someone else.)

No I
R. Nozick
Philosophical Explanations Oxford 1981

R., Nozick
The Nature of Rationality 1994

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