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McDowell, John
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Content I 27
Content/McDowell: there is a non-conceptual representational content - Content/Kant: Thoughts without content are empty - Concept/Kant: views without concepts are blind.
I 157 ff
Content/McDowell: there is a non-conceptual representational content (whether we agree with it or not).
I 34
Content/McDowell: is not something that you put together yourself. The conceptual skills were already at work before you have a choice.
Content/Meaning/Quine/McDowell: therefore, "empirical meaning" is not the same as content. If you call content an attitude about how things of the empirical world are. (Quine: "conceptual sovereignty").
Content/Quine: Result of the freely acting spontaneity that is not controlled by the material of receptivity.
Rorty VI 216
"Content"/McDowell/Rorty: the review of certain words proves that they have no empirical content: E.g. "witch", "phlogiston", "boche" (a French expression for German). These are pseudo-concepts. The more we learn about the world, the greater is the number of our real concepts.

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