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Stalnaker, Robert
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Content I 50
Content/modal realism/MR/Lewis/Stalnaker: According to Lewis an advantage of the MR is that it provides us with access to the content of propositional attitude and speech acts - subset of the possible worlds is doxastically accessible: Def doxastically accessible/Lewis: compatible with the rest of the beliefs and knowledge - they should not be defined by beliefs, but the content of knowledge should be defined in terms of doxastically accessible poss.wrlds.
I 64
Content/Stalnaker: A thought: the truth condition.
I 209
Causal theory/content/Stalnaker: Important argument: the facts about my connection to Cicero do not belong to the content.
I 215
Contentpo.wo/Stalnaker: All our words, and even all our representational resources, stem from the real world -" but that does not imply that the contents are inevitably dependent on the fact that our words have these contents.

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R. Stalnaker
Ways a World may be Oxford New York 2003

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