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Putnam, Hilary
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Intensions V 47
Sense/Frege: extramental entity. - ("Old" intension) - thought content, which is detected - on the other hand new intension/PutnamVsFrege: there are meaning differences that escape the intension - i.e. understanding not only by linking with intension - VsFrege: detecting only by representation, not 6th Sense - representation is determined by environment(twin earth).
V 48f
Bracketing/Husserl: talk about what is going on in someone's head, without condition relating to actual nature of the objects - twin earth E.g. "belief that a glass of water is in front of him (namely for the believer himself, in full non-bracketed sense).
V 49
"Notional world"/Dennett: set of bracketed beliefs of a subject - reference of course is the actual substance (twin earth) - intension/tradition: notional world determines the intension - PutnamVs: this is wrong, therefore no uniform concept of meaning anymore.

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