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McDowell, John
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Interpretation I 180
Radical interpretation/Davidson/McDowell: ultimately, the field linguist picks up norms from the inner perspective (language, coherence, not ratio stimulus/world).
I 181
McDowellVsRorty: if he forbids a normative view for the field linguist (and thus proposes an external perspective of a purely causal nature), then he deprives us of the importance of the transition from the initial predicament to the achieved interpretation.
I 182
McDowellVsRorty: ultimately represents a dualism of nature and reason. Therefore, as a pragmatist, he can only be successful in some cases. He himself does not see this as a dualism. He speaks of it (Rorty): "patiently explaining that norms are something different than descriptions."

J. McDowell
Geist und Welt Frankfurt 2001

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