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Geach, Peter T.
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Each/All/Every I 9
Each/all/any/a/Geach: "Every boy loves a girl", misunderstanding: ambiguous: a) harmless with "kisses", b) devastating with "marries".
Solution: Bracket: God can (everything he can): not trivial - but: God can do anything (what he can): - trivial.
I 78
Each/Geach: is not a name, also not an incomplete object. Problem with negation. - E.g. "Wisdom is something that is not possessed by everyone." Solution: here "wisdom" is not a singular term but corresponds to "is wise".
I 113f
Each/Geach: real: "Everyone loves Smith and everyone loves Brown." - fake:
"Everyone loves himself".
This can be true, even if "every man loves ---" appeals to no one. - But: Problem: "Someone hates himself" - "Someone hates everyone" - both must be wrong if there is no one of whom "someone hates ---" is true. - (+) - criterion: "casus" (assumed situation with all combinations) must not have a false conclusion from true premises.

Gea I
P.T. Geach
Logic Matters Oxford 1972

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